Computer and internet



Our Vision

To provide students with digitally rich 21st Century learning environments that allow them to inquire, analyse, communicate and create within a personalised learning program.

To provide supportive leadership and best practice teaching that enables, enhances and transforms student learning and outcomes through ICT.​

Our classrooms and facilities offer contemporary learning environments enriched by the latest in technology to enhance learning and provide a portal to the world beyond the four walls of a classroom. 

All learning spaces throughout the school are enabled through wireless connectivity and resourced with:

  • interactive whiteboards
  • laptop pods
  • desk top computers
  • i-Pad pods
  • i-Touch devices
  • web cams, digital cameras & video cams
  • Lego robotics, digital microscopes, digital sensing devices.

A one-to-one student laptop environment supports and enables our Vision and School Objectives. The iLearn 1:1 program:

  • enables a personalisation of student learning through access to rich learning resources;

  • teaches students to take responsibility for their learning and learning resources

  • best facilitates the development of knowledge and skills necessary for the 21st century workforce, including digital-age literacy, innovative and creative thinking, effective communication and high productivity;

  • allows for continuous access to educational materials resulting in flexible learning that can happen anywhere, anytime;

  • provides an engaging, interactive environment for learning;

  • facilitates implementation of the National Curriculum expectations and;

  • strengthens the links between home and school.

​ICT Lessons

To supliment the integration of ICT into the regular class program, some students participate in weekly lessons thatfocus on the development of efficient keyboarding and mouse skills to facilitate effective creation and communication with ICT and the safe and ethical management and operation of ICT.  Year 2,3 and 4 students develop their skills as they create documents and presentations and solve problems through block based coding platforms.


The Science, Technology and Robotics Lab is a shared space available for use by all classes across the school.  The room has been designed to allow for flexible learning to meet the needs of any class.  Different furniture options have been provided to allow for collaboration, group work, whole class tasks and challenges.  The STAR Lab has been stocked with many resources including:

  • Lego
  • Computers for Coding
  • iPads
  • 2 x purpose built robotics tables
  • A variety of robotics equipment inc. Bee Bots, Spheros, Edisons, Lego Wedo, EV3
  • Makey Makey
  • Little Bits
  • Bloxel coding kits
  • Osmo for iPad kits
  • Drones

As an extension to our STAR Lab we have a designated MakerSpace area where classes can come to make, invent and create.  In this space, the sharing of supplies, skills and ideas is encouraged as students work together on projects, solve problems and think creatively.  The space has been resourced with tools and equipment including recycled materials and a Tinker Table where students can investigate how things work as they look to solve their own design challenges.

Media Team

A group of Year 5 & 6 students are selected each year to form our Media Team.  This team works together to capture and record school events and create media presentations for viewing by the school community.  They are developing entrepreneurial skills through content creation for real life solutions.

Content is captured through the use of iPads, still cameras and the school GoPro.  Students also use the school’s Green Room to create special effects within their media presentations.

Last reviewed 18 June 2019
Last updated 18 June 2019