The main aim of Brightwater SS Cafe is first and foremost to provide affordable, healthy and good quality food to the school community.  Our entire menu complies with the government's healthy eating policy 'Smart Choices'.  All profits generated from the Cafe are used to directly benefit all students and the school community. 

Cafe Menu

View the Café Menu (PDF, 529KB) 

Cafe hours & contact details

Our cafe is open 5 days a week from 8:00 AM to 2.00pm.    You can contact us via email café or telephone (07) 5438 3111.

Monday          8am – 2.00pm

Tuesday         8am – 2.00pm

Wednesday   8am – 2.00pm

Thursday        8am – 2.00pm

Friday             8am – 2.00pm

Beginning of Term

Term 1

2nd day of Term

Term 2

1st day of Term

Term 3

1st day of Term

Term 4

1st day of Term

End of Term closure

Term 1

Last day of Term

Term 2

Last day of Term

Term 3

Last day of Term

Term 4

Last 2 days of Term

Break Times

   First break - main eating time - 11am to 11.15am.

   Second break - afternoon snack time - 12.45pm to 1.15pm.

Accepted Payment Methods


Munch Monitor Account

Ordering Process

The Cafe currently has two methods for ordering from the Café:

1.     Online Ordering through Munch Monitor (preferred method)

2.     Bag Orders – manual

Munch Monitor

Munch Monitor, “MM”, can be used from computers, iPads or smart phones.  You must initially log in with the school’s username & password and then set up your individual login.  Then you continue through the steps to add each of your children’s details.

MM orders must be entered in before 8.20am of that day.  If you miss the cut off, please contact the Café.

Benefits of Munch Monitor

·      MM can be set up so that your child has access to their account at school where they can come & buy something from the café without sending them in with money, you just need to set a daily or weekly limit for them on their individual account.

·      MM also has an alert system for the Café staff if your child has allergies.

·      You are able to “ban” certain items so your child cannot purchase them.

·      The most current menu is available on MM, always listing new items, or out of stock items.

·      You can top up your MM account either online using credit card, or bringing cash to the Café.

·      If a child says they didn’t get their order it is easily traceable and rectified.

·      And much better report outputs for your P&C!

Go to

Username: brightwater

Password: munch4557

If you have any problems MM has a helpline: 1300 796 190 or  Otherwise please come see the Café Convenor.

Bag Orders

The student’s lunch order is written on a paper bag and placed in their classroom Café tub first thing in the morning. Students will have their lunches returned to them in the Café tub, by monitors, at break times. 

Paper bags should be completed as follows: 

1st or 2nd break

Child's Name

Child's Class

Food Required



Points to Note

   Mark clearly on your bag if the food is for 1st or 2nd break

   Use 2 separate bags if ordering for both breaks

   Please place correct amount of money inside the bag

   Use the current menu to note availability (certain items can only be ordered on specific days) and correct prices to avoid disappointment. 

   In the event that an item is unavailable or there is insufficient payment, a substitute menu item may be provided without notice. 

   Use a separate order bag per child and ensure each child's bag contains the money for their order as searching for sibling's order bags to check for money is very time consuming.

    If any change is due, it will be enclosed in the bag. 

    No envelopes!  Please provide bags of the appropriate size as food is placed in them.  As an emergency measure, bags can be purchased from Cafe at a cost of 10 cents. 

   No staples or sticky tape.  Please do not fasten your bag with staples or sticky tape.

    Forks & spoons are provided free of charge when purchasing food items that require cutlery, in all other cases a 10c charge applies.

    It is important for parents to note: Cafe staff and volunteers take every care in food preparation and are especially mindful of potential allergens and gluten however we are not an allergy/gluten free environment.

The Cafe is a very busy place so taking a moment to note our procedures and comply with them ensures we can continue to offer an excellent service to all students.

Food/Drink Delivery

We have a few procedures to make yourself and your child familiar with when ordering from the Café.

1. Drinks, baked goods etc are generally not placed in your bag, but placed loosely in the tub.  Students are required to read their bag order to ensure they take the correct drink/foods out of the tub.  Younger years will have the teachers helping with distribution.

2. Frozen treats, which are ordered at 2nd break, are NOT placed into tubs.  The student’s order will be clipped into the tub and they must bring that bag back to the Café and we will hand over their frozen item(s).  If a student orders a frozen and non-frozen item (ie. muffin), the muffin will be placed in the bag in the tub and the student must still bring that bag back to the café to collect their frozen treat.


We need you!  It’s true that our success depends on the commitment of our team of volunteers and the time they so generously give. 

Food preparation and serving is where we need the most help and without many hands no-one gets fed!  Volunteers are asked to assist with the preparation of sandwiches, fruit salads, hot food etc. There is also baking opportunities if you love to bake!

We have a class roster system in place whereby your class is rostered on for one week per term.  If you are able to help on one of those days in your rostered week this will really help.  Also the kids just love seeing mum or dad during the day at school!  Please note you are most welcome in the Café any day to help, you don’t need to come in your rostered week, if you are unable to.

Please don’t leave it to someone else to volunteer, the more helpers we have the easier it is for all our volunteers.  If you would like to help your child’s Cafe please contact our Convenor – she’ll be very happy to see you! 

Current Roster

Last reviewed 18 June 2019
Last updated 18 June 2019